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Artist Feature: Daephine / Illustrator


ave you ever come across a piece of art, music or literature that made you feel like your youth was right back in reach? Meet Daephine. A Dallas based digital artist who’s love for late 90’s /early 2000’s culture feels like a needed hug from the most iconic decade in the last century (ok, maybe I’m biased). It’s the bright neons and 90’s cartoon style that make me feel like just got home from school, or maybe I’m staying up late watching adult swim on Cartoon Network. Whatever it is, we LOVE it. Check out our exclusive interview with one of Texas’ most up and coming digital pop artists.

90s cartoon aesthetic

Daephine, How did you get started? 

I was artistically inclined as a kid, but I started taking art more seriously in 2018. I worked in the tech industry at the time and desperately needed a stress relief – art was my weapon of choice. I started with painting terra cotta pots and sold them along with succulents and branded my work as @succsforyouatx. Shortly after, I became interested in digital art and bought my first drawing tablet. 

90s cartoon character nickelodeon
90s cartoon drawing

What is(are) your medium(s)?

Digital illustration (Wacom tablet and Clip Studio Paint), acrylic paint, occasional video editing

90s cartoon art

Where do you draw inspiration?

I think pop culture peaked in the early 2000s and that era is very nostalgic for me, so most of my inspiration comes from there – its cartoons, music, movies, and celebs. I also love science fiction and fantasy, so my art is a fusion of my interests. 

Describe a bit about your creative process

My process consists of indulging in a lot of internet content – obsessively watching YouTube, browsing other artists’ work on Instagram, scrolling endlessly on Pinterest, listening to pop music on Spotify, then I’ll create a pile of visual inspiration and start drawing. 

2000s nostalgia
early 2000s pop culture

Any artists/creators/ etc who have influenced your style?

Robin Eisenberg, Moebius, Milo Manara, whoever animated Jessica Rabbit and Holli Would from Cool World

alien pop art

Where do you live and how has it contributed to your style?

My art career began in Austin, Texas – a city filled with art, culture, and weirdness. It allowed me to feel more free to express myself more creatively. I recently moved back to my hometown of Dallas. 

nostalgic cartoon

What do you hope for when collaborating with another artist/creative?

I love working with other artists and creatives and have been lucky to have some amazing collaborations. If I’m drawing for someone, I love when my client has a strong vision of what they want me to create for them, even better if they have references or a moodboard. It helps me to see the drawing better in my mind.

2000s aesthetic

Why do you love what you do?

I love making art, because it makes people happy, and I love the idea of having a legacy of pastel colored cartoons. Art has allowed me to create my own business and learn how to make money independently from a traditional job. I am a happier and more fulfilled person expressing myself and being creative every day. 

Thank you to Daephine for the feature, follow her creative journey @daephine_

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