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Cody Blazek Illustrates Otherworldy Alien Art

Cody Blazek is a footwear designer, illustrator and muralist, who has designed everything from high-caliber running shoes, to alien concept art. While his subject matter is wide and versatile, each piece has the stamp of a true artist who has spent years defining his style. We got the opportunity to ask Cody about his upbringing, inspiration and future plans. 

female alien with horns

How did you get started? 

I always drew as a hobby, but it wasn’t until midway into college when I became friends with an artist, Ana Marietta who took me under her wing and gave me the curiage to see art as a viable career path. 

flamingo creature in a circle

What is(are) your medium(s)?

Ballpoint pen, pencil, colored pencil and acrylic paint.

alien head concept ar

Where do you draw inspiration?

My fascination with nature, product design, my feelings as visual metaphors, animation, fashion, science fiction, etc.

running shoes sketchbook sketch

Describe a bit about your creative process.

I will go back and forth between writing and sketching almost daily and use those as my reference for creating artwork when I have more time. 

skull exploding magazine cover

Any artists/creators/ etc. who have influenced your style?

Ana Marietta, James Jean, Jaw Cooper, Tara McPherson, Beth Cavener, Kim Jung-Gi, Craola Simkins, Bart Hess

Where do you live and how has it contributed to your style?

I have lived in Houston, Portland, Austin, and now Boulder, CO. 

Growing up in the concrete mega city of Houston, I left craving to be more in touch with nature as well as searching for opportunities to pursure a career in industrial design.  

What do you hope for when collaborating with another artist/creative?

I hope to sync artistically with their style and find a unique way to showcase one another’s abilities.

I hope to elevate and learn from each other and build a wider audience.

alien hand mural art

Why do you love what you do? 

I love it because of how it becomes a time capsule. I can look at an old sketch or painting and immediately remember what was going on during that time in my life. I love exploring self-expression and seeing what narratives continue across my work.

alien concept art by cody blazek

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