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8 EASY Ways to Boost Creativity in Your Home

Have you ever walked into an environment and felt a wave of happiness. Your mood lifted, everything seemed lighter and the dopamine was firing off in your brain. Ahh, what a great feeling. It’s no surprise that this sensory experience is dependent on the smallest details you don’t even realize. Today we’re going to share how different sensory elements can evoke emotion and how you can recreate them in your own home. 

Clean your space, baby

While some movies portray a creative genius thriving around stacks of papers and old coffee cups, this is hardly the norm. Most of us feel tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious around clutter and research shows that individuals with a messy environment have higher cortisol levels and are more likely to have unfinished projects. Additionally, starting your creative “flow” in a clean space allows you room to spread out your ideas and create with flexibility.

Remove the clocks

If you’re really trying to transcend, remove all wall and desktop clocks. Of course you can still reach for your phone to get the time, but removing clocks from your direct eyeline can allow you to disconnect and be free from any external pressures.

Buy plants, even if they’re fake 

The most calming environments always embrace nature and many consider natural materials to be a timeless luxury, just look at the lumber prices. Natural materials are used in therapy offices and healing facilities across the world. If you don’t trust yourself to keep up with a real plant, using a fake plant can still provide benefits of visual stress relief.

Consider a rug

You can regulate your body temperature by keeping your feet warm. In order to be most comfortable in your creative space you can use a rug under your desk to prevent overheating or being cold.

Keep your instruments set up

Whether you’re a musician, painter or writer it’s super helpful to keep your tools in a state of readiness. Create as few roadblocks as possible between you and your creative process. If there is any hesitancy or wavering feelings, it’s less likely to happen. Keeping your instruments out of their case or keeping your paintbrushes clean and ready for use can be the make or break between a successful creative session.

Utilize natural light in a dimly lit room  

Overhead lighting can create a harsh environment and stunt creativity. Research shows that the perfect combination for ultimate creative flow is a dimly lit room with natural light. Dim light creates a similar freedom as the nighttime. People tend to feel less pressure and a deeper sense of relaxation when light isn’t as bright. Some of the greatest artists of all time swear by working through the night due to the darkness, sense of solitude and freedom of down time.

Blue & Green

Blue and Green are the two colors that most promote creativity. Use it as much as possible. Some ideas to incorporate color into your space are desk accessories, wall art and furniture.

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Mmmm…Neroli & Eucalyptus

Scent is hugely tied to creativity and can activate many different types of parts of the brain. Candles and essential oils can be used to create a more comfortable environment while you’re creating. The 2 scents most recommended by aromatherapist are neroli and eucalyptus, even leonardo divinci used neroli, a citrusy scent, during his brainstorming sessions.