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9 Careers in Sustainable Fashion

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Careers in sustainable fashion are on the rise as fast fashion becomes a major concern. Over the last 20 years, the rise in e-commerce has caused devastating waste and pollution. To give some context, “Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined. 
 The good news is the average consumer is becoming more educated about the damaging effects of fast fashion. Companies around the world are creating roles to reduce their carbon footprints. If you are interested in “being the change”, take a look at some of these careers in sustainable fashion. Maybe they could be a good fit for you!
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1. Ethical Fashion Brand Buyer 

Careers in sustainable fashion are in high demand and a recent article from Vogue proves just that. it is stated that “purchasing practices have moved from being a niche issue to the central issue of the industry”. Fashion brands are in need of buyers that are well-versed in sustainable fashion buying as more rules and regulations come to the fore-front. 

2. Thrift Store Buyer

If you are looking for a low-stress, entry-level role in the world of sustainable fashion you can look into being a thrift/consignment store buyer. This role requires employees to have knowledge of a wide variety of brands and clothing quality. You can likely do this job from anywhere as it doesn’t require you to move to a major city. Some popular consignment stores are Buffalo Exchange and Uptown Cheapskate.

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3. Sustainability Intern

An internship in sustainability is a great introduction to eco-fashion. As an intern, you can work alongside buyers, researchers, and designers to find your preferred niche in sustainable fashion.

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4. Ethical Trade Manager

An ethical trade manager oversees the ethical sourcing of textiles and goods. This manager is responsible for being aware of political issues that may impact supply chains.  The ethical trade manager is expected to investigate, advise and strategize on how to get resources without violating any ethical boundaries. 

5. Sustainability Specialist 

A sustainability specialist should have a good understanding of ESG reporting. ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. This standard to which all fashion brands are held. The ESG determines how effectively a company is using resources within its company. 
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6. Product Sustainability Manager 

A product sustainability manager is responsible for negotiating with factories and manufacturers to make sure samples and products are up to code and compliant with regulations. According to Vilda magazine, product sustainability managers should “have an in-depth understanding of supply chains paired with a strong ability to negotiate” 

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7. Brand Partnership Coordinator 

A brand partnership coordinator is responsible for finding like-minded businesses with similar goals and ethics. The coordinator is responsible for reaching out to these companies and forming relationships as well as brainstorming collaborations.

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8. Sustainable Fashion Content Creator

Content creators are in high demand as companies compete for consumer attention online. Being savvy on social channels such as TikTok and Instagram is vital for companies to get in front of their target audience. A sustainable fashion content creator would be responsible for coming up with ideas via video and photo and distributing them amongst those channels. 

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9. Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Researcher

Sustainable fashion supply chain researchers, also known as logistics analysts, should be well-versed in supply chain functions and the process of sourcing. This role would be great for an analyst looking to enter a career in sustainable fashion. 
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Whether you are a college student or a seasoned fashion professional, we hope this list has provided you with some insight into the potential for a career in sustainable fashion. **All photos courtesy of and**