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Nine Y2k Beach Movies that Capture the Coconut Girl Aesthetic

“Coconut Girl” is the latest subculture to trend amongst the Gen Z crowd on TikTok.

You can think of it as the next evolution of a VSCO girl mixed with a nostalgic summer beach town vibe.  This aesthetic feels like a throwback to a 2002 beach vacation when you were obsessed with Roxy, wore a tankini from Limited Too and watched your favorite movie “Holiday in the Sun” on repeat. Here we’ve listed the top 9 best coconut girl movies to watch so you can relive the nostalgia in modern day and get your aesthetic on point.

1. Blue Crush, 2002

Kate Bosworth started the surfer chick mania back in the early 2000’s with this movie alone. Nothing was more iconic and bad ass than the no fear attitude of Anne Marie and her friends. 

2. Aquamarine, 2006

Aquamarine unintentionally captured mid-aughties beach fashion in this movie and is still standing as a cultural reset, also we love Jojo. 

3. Lilo & Stitch, 2002

Thank you to Disney for giving us the ultimate Coconut Queen, Nani Pelekai, AKA Lilo’s older sister. She was a true surfer chick and embodied  Coconut Girl through and through. A personal hero of mine. 

4. Holiday in the Sun, 2001

Mary Kate and Ashley always set the tone for Millenial fashion through the 2000’s. The chunky waves and tube tops were literal perfection and I remember watching this at least 10x just to peep the outfits. The way their looks complement each other makes this movie coconut perfection. 

5. She’s All That, 1999

This movie only made the cut because of Taylor Vaughn and her friends. These LA natives really embodied late 90’s fashion with their matching skirts and crop top sets. 

6. Into the Blue, 2005 

Into the Blue gives us more subtle coconut vibes as we transition into the late 2000’s.  The denim skirt, belly ring and tube top combo can’t be beat.

7. Rip Girls, 2000 

A fan favorite for all the wannabe coconut girls is Rip Girls. This movie is set in Hawaii and even stars Camilla Belle in her acting debut. The navy and lime green color combo is perfectly nostalgic. This movie is a 10/10. 

Coconut Girl

8. H20 Just Add Water, 2006

Inspired by Aquamarine we have H20 just add water, this is actually a show but we just had to add it to our list because of the aesthetic is so on point. This is a favorite of the Gen-zers who have really catapulted the Coconut Girls subcuture. 

9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 2005

Blake Lively AKA Bridget is our token coconut girl in this  coming of age movie. We love her beachy blonde hair and aqua/lime green color combos throughout the move. 



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