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10 Digital Art Careers Every Artists Should Know About

f you love to draw and are a natural-born artist you may have started thinking about different career paths to utilize your skills. If you’re just starting your career or are thinking of a career change, you’re in luck. Digital art careers are in high demand due to technological advancements and consumer demand. Here is a list of 12 awesome digital art careers you can start working towards today.

1. Concept Artist

Concept artists act as the middleman between ideas and reality in games, movies, and cartoons. These artists take direction regarding characters, storylines, and general aesthetic to come up creative portrayals. This job isn’t about being the most technical artist but rather the most creative.

2. Comic Book/ Graphic Novel Illustrator

To be a comic book artist you need a strong portfolio and you should be comfortable freelancing at first. There are plenty of print production houses on the smaller and larger scale. If you can connect and make a relationship with these production houses you can get a reliable stream of work. Check out this list to get an idea of different production houses in the industry.

3. Medical Illustrator/Animator

A medical illustrator is someone who creates anatomically correct medical illustrations for hospitals, doctors, and online medical journals such as mayo clinic. You can find more information on this job as well as different master’s programs at

4. Environment Artist

An environment artist creates the environment in games and sometimes shows. Environment artists are similar to concept artists but instead of  creating the ideas they are also creating the final product. To break into the career field you need a strong portfolio as well as experience with animation. There are some junior environment artist roles as well.

5. Game App Designer

If you’ve ever played candy crush or online poker you’ve seen how digital art is present all throughout these games. Game app designers require some experience with animation and UX design but the positions are relatively easy to find. 

Civil 3D Designer

 3D designers are in high demand for architecture firms, interior design firms, construction companies, and landscape companies. This job requires experience with AutoCAD and sometimes requires expertise if the job is specialized (for example, plumbing).

7. Educator

You can become a traditional educator in a school or university or you can offer your expertise through a more passive stream of income such as offering a course on udemy, skillshare, or youtube.

8. Product Designer:

Product designers are more in-demand than ever with the rise of e-commerce and independent selling platforms such as Amazon FBA. These companies need product developers for all types of goods so they can be interpreted and

9. UX Designer:

UX design stands for user experience design and is an art form dedicated to making platforms such as apps and websites easy to use and understand. UX design is both a science and an art and is a great fit for a detail-oriented individual who loves problem-solving.

10. Apparel Artist

Apparel artists are similar to fashion designers but need to understand digital design in order to translate the styles for manufacturing. Apparel artists need a good understanding of fabrics, sewing, and measurements/math.

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