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9 Creative Portrait Photography Ideas


hy be boring when you can be bold? Here are 9 of the most unique portrait ideas we've come across. Try them and let us know how it went.

1. Fish Eye 

The fish eye is an iconic portrait style that takes us back to the 90’s and offers a nostalgic. Sometimes edgy, sometimes sweet the fish eye is bound to stand out. Pro tip: You don’t actually need a fish eye lens! Most photo editing apps offer their version of a fish eye, you can easily create the effect in photoshop and if you really want to go analog you can use a peep hole. 

2. Dark Mode Photography 

Use the energy of the night to create a mysterious and lively portrait. Some tools to consider to create your night time aesthetic are street lamps, neon lights and public transportation. 


3. Window / Glass

We like this one because of all the textures that are enable when used a window. You can experiment shooting with your subject behind a window, in front of a window or even with a window half down in a car. 

Photo by Sebastian Mena on Unsplash


4. Movement 

Traditionally speaking a portrait is a painting, drawing or photography that depicts a persons face and shoulders. But now-a-days, people are considering a portrait to be anything that showcases a persons ethos, interests and general being. We chose “movement” as our #4 pick of portraits to try. 

5. Shadows

There’s something so beautiful about a portrait taken in subtle shade but there is a wide variety of different materials to utilize whose shadows can appear on skin like works of art, think flowers, water, and lace. 

Photo by Ilona Panych on Unsplash

6.Unusual Items 

For fans of the avant-garde, this one is for you. Create eye catching photography with honey, cards, paint or you could even pull a Lana del Ray and use a bee as a prop. 

Photo by Rick Gebhardt on Unsplash

7. The Anti Portrait 

There is something mysterious and infinitely interesting about a portrait where the subject is facing backwards or to the side. This is a great portrait to snap during a shoot and you don’t need any extra tools or props. 

Photo by Anthony Tran and Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash 

8. Go Photoshop Crazy

The title says it all. You can literally do anything with photoshop, blend time and reality and create a portrait that the world has never seen. 


9. Broken/Misshapen Mirror

This is a great portrait idea when you’re really trying to convey emotion. It can be sad and lost or free and whimsical. Use background colors and subject facial expressions to hone in which feeling you’re going for. 

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