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Is retro minimalism the next big trend? 

young man with curly hair holding retro mustard colored tv

Minimalism, sterility, and and hyper-productivity have been common cultural themes in the last 5-10 years but after the pandemic caused widespread fear and panic, we are seeing a culture shift towards comfort and softness and less of a  focus on success. We are starting to see this shift first in consumer branding as they go from sterile, clean lines to soft, retro, and nostalgic. 

Burger King, Kylie Cosmetics, and Kodak are just 3 examples of brands who have ditched the clean, angular lines of the 2010’s and are moving towards a vintage look. While opting for cuvier fonts, the style and colors are still minimal. This makes me wonder, are we headed towards an entirely new aesthetic, could it be retro minimalism? We can predict how this might make its way into mainstream home decor and fashion by looking and old and new styles and seeing where the two may meet in the middle. 

Retro Minimal Fashion


As seen above, there is still some curviness to the silhouttes of both male and female mod and mid century fashion. Similar to the the new rebrands from Kodak, Kylie, and Burger King we could see elements of these designs with a 2022-2023 modernity. 

retro minimalism

Retro Minimalism Home Decor

As seen below, retro home decor is all about bright colors and curvy shapes. While consumer have shyed away from the use of bright colors in the past 10 years we have started to see curvier and more textured pieces come to market with extreme popularity. You can look to the super popular Cloud Couch as an example. While consumers haven’t gotten on board with bright colors, we may see more neutral orange, pink and red tones as consumers tire of white and beige. 

We will see if these predictions come to fruition as we enter into Q4. The holiday season is quickly approaching and we will be able to see where consumers are spending their cash and where trends are forecasting. Is retro minimalism the next big trend? We will find out.  

















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